Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Are there any websites geared to poetry writers?

Ask the Literary Agent

Question: I subscribe to lots of writing magazines and go on lots of writing websites, but it seems like markets for poets and poetry writing tips are overlooked. Are there any websites that are specifically written for poetry writers?

Literary Agent Michele Glance Rooney answers:

As a matter of fact, there are several outstanding websites for poetry writers. I'm happy to recommend:

1. Academy of American Poets

2. Electronic Poetry Center

3. Perihelion Round Table Discussions

4. Poetry Society of America

5. Poets & Writers

6. The International Library of Poetry

7. The Writer's Life

Michele Glance Rooney is a literary agent and director of the Michele Glance Rooney Literary Agency. If you have questions about poetry writing, email her at michelroon@aol.com She will answer the most relevant questions in upcoming issues of this blog.